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Presentation of the George Cross

Photo courtesy of Tony Cox.

King George VI by his own initiative awarded Malta the George Cross.

Sir William Dobie, the then Governor of Malta recieved this message from the King on the 15th April 1942

"To honour her brave people I award the George Cross to the Island Fortress of Malta: to bear witness to a
heroism and devotion that will long be famous in History".

General Dobie's reply on behalf of the people & garrison of Malta was :-

"By God's help Malta will not weaken, but will endure until victory is won".

Lord Gort replaced General Dobie & handed the George Cross over to the Maltese Government shortly after taking over the Governership of the island.


A large official handing over ceremony was deemed too dangerous at the time due to constant air raids. Four months on however, these attacks grew
less frequent & a date of the 13th of September was selected where, in the ruins of the Palace Square, Valetta Field Marshall Lord Gort presented the
George Cross to Sir George Borg, Chief Justice of Malta who accepted it on behalf of the people of Malta.

The George Cross was subsequently sent to every part of the islands possible so the Maltese could see the award.

The video Guns for Malta includes film footage of the ceremony.

King George VI visited the island at a later date. Click here for photo.