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Many books / films listed below can be found on E-Bay. Click the logo to enter the site. Enter 'Malta' in the search engine & you will find an Aladins cave of items.
You will have to register to start bidding but this is very easily done.
This page is created to give those interested an insight into what has been written on Malta in WWII. I don't profess to know everything & would welcome knowledge of
books or other material not listed here. Please contact me.
Books on WWII are readily available in the book shops & newsagents on Malta. Don't bother comparing prices between shops though as I find they
all sell at the same price (especially in Valletta).

Links to try to obtain books

Navy Books -

Aquilina are Malta based near the Palace, Valletta.

Click the Pen & Sword banner above to go straight to their website where you can buy from a large list of WWII books.
Loads of books I hadn't seen before.

Latest Books
Each year I visit Malta & bring back the latest releases of books & DVD's
New for 2012

Operation Pedestal - John A.Mizzi

An A4 softbound book. Quite thin but easy to read & a good book to pick up if you want to know the importance of this convoy.

When the Siren Wailed - Charles Bezzina

Memoirs of Wartime Gozo. Not read it yet but looking forward to going through it.

Malta Spitfire Pilot - Denis Barnham

First published in 1956 & republished in 2011. I could only find this in Books Plus, Sliema.

HMS Hibernia - Michael Cassar

If you study old photos of Malta you can't miss this ship which was in Grand Harbour for many years. It's a new book with loads of photos.


Heroes in the Sky
Released in 2008.

The Battle for Malta -
Battle Line
Released in 2008.

Merlins Over Malta
In September 2005 the Spitfire & Hurricane returned to Malta to take part in the 60th reunion celebrations.
It is understood two versions have been released. The first is reportedly sold out but another extended version is available.

Malta in World War II
released 2007.
Film starts with a potted history of the beginnings of WWII & ends with current film of the Islands. In between some good areas of footage & the use of original photos.
The DVD lasts about an hour. Music on the disc is nice & goes well with the footage.
For someone not familiar with Malta's history in WWII this disc is a good grounding. Those more familiar might find it slow to get off the ground.

Malta - A Quiet Rock

Guns for Malta.

Now available on DVD.
The cover is black.


Malta Story.
The lower image is an Oriental import cover, with English sub titles.

News of air shows with video downloads. You have to register as a member first.
DVD released of the Malta airshow.


Malta Story - Now also available on DVD.

Alec Guinness portrays a pilot landing on Malta en route to the Middle East. After his aircraft is destroyed he is put to service in reconaisance. The only film dedicated to Malta in WWII. Excellent film.

Available on video but you might like to try E-Bay to obtain it. If you want to know about Malta in WWII perhaps you should see this film & branch out to books listed below. 

You should have this film on your shelf.


I found this on E-Bay. It has been on the TV. Not easy to get hold of but worth tracking down.

Guns For Malta

A documentary about an artillery veteran's search for anti-aircraft guns of the type used on Malta in WWII, his success in finding them & their installation on Malta as a memorial to those who served in the Royal Artillery both British & Maltese. Not easy to find. It was originally sold for about £5 but I had to pay about £17 for my copy & wait 9 months to get it (well worth the wait). Those who served on Malta may find this, in parts a bit hard to take. An amateur film but a real must for anyone interested in Malta in WWII.
The links below may prove useful.....

Audio Books

Fortress Malta - An Island Under Siege 1940 - 1943. by James Holland

Read by Joss Ackland.


Footprints through a Century.

Author Jean Heaney has just published her first book under her maiden name (Jean Buxton). In it she describes her family history, concentrating mainly on her father, the late Wing Commander G J Buxton MBE, who served in the RAF with Lawrence of Arabia when they were both recruits for photographic training in 1922, and who went on to photograph life and events in Aden, Somaliland and Abyssinia and Africa during his service career.

From his diary covering 1940 to 1942, notes and photographs, it has been possible to record his personal account of the siege of Malta when the island was awarded the George Cross. At the same time, and in stark contrast, she recalls her memories of what it was like to be a child in wartime Britain.
The many excellent black and white photographs, mainly taken by Geoffrey Buxton, are an integral part of the book,
and form a rich visual essay of a service career rising from raw recruit to commanding Officer of the RAF School of Photography (now the Defense School of Photography).
The pictures have been prepared for publication by the well known photographer Alan Wildsmith-Towle.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy please contact Jean at -

Gladiators over Malta
Released 2008. Wise Owl Publications.
Website -
e-mail -
Mines over Malta
Released 2008.Wise Owl Publications.
Website -
e-mail -
Women of Malta
Released 2008.
Wise Owl Publications.
Website -
e-mail -
UXB MALTA by SAM Hudson (History Press, 2010)

What was it like to be the only RE Bomb Disposal Officer in 'the most bombed place on earth'?

During the Second World War, as the Regia Aeronautica and the Luftwaffe unleashed their full might against the Island of Malta, the civilian population was in the eye of the storm. Faced with the terror of an unexploded bomb, the Maltese people looked for help to the Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Officer, who dealt with all unexploded bombs outside of the airfields and the RN dockyard.
In November 1940 just one BD Officer and Section was allocated to cover the whole Island - an area similar in size to Greater London - and from January 1942 only two. While Malta was bombed day and night, despite interrupted sleep and meagre rations a handful of men battled to reach, unearth and render safe thousands of UXBs. Day after day, and in 1942 hour after hour - through constant air raids - they approached one live bomb after another, mindful that it explode at any moment. Yet in the words of one of the Sappers, they were 'just doing a job'.
Complete with interviews with survivors, extracts from contemporary diaries and research from hundreds of previously unpublished wartime documents, 'UXB Malta' is the first book to reveal what it was like to work in Army Bomb Disposal in the most bombed place on earth.

Now available to order from Amazon. For more information about the book and author, see

Released May 2007.

'The Siege of Malta 1940-42' by Ian G. Williamson.

You can obtain this & many other interesting Malta books here -

Malta Spitfire Aces
Released 2008. Osprey Publishing.
e-mail -

Malta 1937 - 1942 - Some Childhood memories. by Michael Longyear.

New booklet ( May 2006 ) written & published by Michael Longyear.
Limited print run. Contact Michael for ordering details.

Price £4 which includes post/packing. UK only.

Item loaded on page 18-11-06

Images of War - Malta GC by Jon Sutherland Deanne Canwell.
This is a book of old photos many of which I've not seen before. Their is a photo on virtually every one of the 140 pages. A few photos I have but don't know a lot about them. This book gives good information on the photos it contains.

Photos depict aircraft, ships, artillery, those taken during bombing raids & civilians during everyday life through the siege.

I found this book really interesting & would recommend this book to anyone from someone wanting one book on the war in Malta or those more knowledgeable on the history of the conflict looking for a book of rarely seen photos.

Book price is £14.99 + post & packing.The book can be ordered from Pen & Sword Books by clicking the white banner above.

Royal Navy Tugs at the Grand Harbour Malta by Michael Cassar.
Released 2010
Destination Malta - The Surrender of the Italian Fleet by Joseph Caruana.
Released 2010 - Wise Owl Publications
Screwball Beurling - Malta's Top Scoring Fighter Ace by Brian Cull & Frederick Galea.
Released 2010 - Wise Owl Publications

I found this book in a visit to Malta December 2010. Not seen it before in any other book shop despite it being published (I believe) in 1999. It's a thick book but not as expensive as you might imagine.

Loads of drawings & black & white photographs - many I have not seen before,

Extremely useful to anyone interested in the Royal Artillery or Royal Malta Artillery. It's a mine of information on the guns & gunners of Malta from the 1800's canon to 1979 including WWII where it contains a lot of useful information.

ISBN (softback) 99909-68-83-7
ISBN (hardback) 99909-68-84-5

A Century of the Royal Navy at Malta. Joseph Bonnici & Michael Cassar.

Lots of photos in this book of Naval ships. Invaluable guide to identification.

Faith, Hope & Malta - Ground & Air Heroes of the George Cross Island. Tony Spooner
Recollections of a Malta HAA Gunner. Maurice G. Agius

Richard Ellis - The Photography Collection. Natalie Fenech

Richard Ellis took many photographs in the Victorian & Edwardian period. These were taken on glass negatives & saved from destruction in the WWII bombing by his grandson. If you are interested in old Maltese photos you really need this book. Not cheap, I payed 75 Euros for mine but well worth it.

Volume 1 was sold out. Virtually impossible to obtain at the moment. I know that some have bought numerous copies waiting to make a killing later on. I have volume II & III. Undoubtedly more volumes will be printed.
Volume IV is out & this concentrates on Gozo.

The history is interesting as Ellis took the photos on glass plates. At the outbreak of war & the bombing on Valletta (where they were stored) it was decided wisely to move them to a safer place. Some 9 tons of glass were taken to a safe place & survived to be put in these volumes. The quality of these photos is amazing & provides a unique look at Malta in the early days of the camera. Well worth buying even at the 70 Euro price tag.

Malta during the First World War 1914-1918. Anthony Zarb-Dimech

This is a great book giving a background on what Malta & the population did during the Great War in particular the Galipollli landings & other Mediterranean operations. It's not an expensive book & contains many photos, drawings & a few maps.

I recommend this to anyone interested in this area of the Islands history.

185 The Malta Squadron Edited by Anthony Rogers

Churchill's Folly by Anthony Rogers

Recounts the fate of 234 Infantry Brigade in the Aegean in 1943.

Women of Malta by Frederick R. Galea.

Released 2006 this is the story of Christina Ratcliffe & Tamara Marks.

Contains many old photographs.

The Gozo Airfield by Charles Bezzina.

A booklet containing information & some photos of the temporary airfield constructed on Gozo by American Engineers to support the Sicilian landings.

Against All Odds by Lex McAulay.


Mobilisation in Action by Anthony Zarb-Dimech.

A History of Civil Defence in Malta : 1940 - 1943.

The Peoples War by Laurence Mizzi.

Contains first hand accounts from civilians with many black & white & colour photos.

Gallipoli - The Malta Connection byJohn A.Mizzi

This is a great book with loads of material & photos of the Gallipoli campaign & Maltas part in it.

This book concerns World War I.

Malta 1937 - 1942 - Some Childhood memories. by Michael Longyear.

New booklet ( May 2006 ) written & published by Michael Longyear.
Limited print run. Contact Michael for ordering details.
Price £4 which includes post/packing. UK only.

Air War over Malta - Part 1 The Allies by Frederick R. Galea & Richard J. Caruana.
Air War over Malta - Part 2 The Axis by Frederick R. Galea & Richard J. Caruana.
Malta Invicta by Bartimeus.
Malta - Last Great Siege by David Wragg
Night Strike from Malta by Kenneth Poolman

Sink the Illustrious

Mainly a photographic book with loads of interesting shots. Also some data at the beginning of the book.

The Illustrious Blitz by Charles J.Boffa

Lots of photos in this 1995 publication. Getting harder to find now though.

Pedestal - The Malta Convoy of 1942 by Peter C. Smith

Very detailed & readable account of Operation Pedestal with maps showing points of losses & some photographs.
Watch out for an error in the second revision (1987) hardbound edition. Pages 161 - 175 are repeated, pages 177 - 192 are missing. In the paperback copy below the text resumes on page 197. Worth checking if you are going to purchase the book. Not sure if this is just my copy.
The softbound 60th Anniversary edition pictured here was published in 2007 & has all pages included


The Ohio & Malta by Michael Pearson

This is available in hardbound which I found expensive. I was pleased to pick up a new softbound edition in Malta in 2011 for 12.99 Euros.

Lots of material on the history of the ship with lots of photos.

Malta Convoy by Shankland & Hunter


Malta - The Unconquered Isle by Ian Hey.
The Battle of Malta by Joseph Attard.
Faith, Hope & Charity - The Defence of Malta. by Kenneth Poolman.

Tattered Battlements - Tim Johnston DFC

Tattered battlements a Malta diary by a fighter pilot, it was dedicated to Hector and Coby, both killed in action. The book was first published in 1943.

Original publication probably not available now although a copy was seen on Ebay in December 2005.
Republished editions can be found.

Onward to Malta by Wing Commander T.F.Neil

A look at the defence of Malta through the experiences of a Hurricane pilot. Diary style format. An enjoyable read.

Published by:- Airlife Publishing Ltd.(not currently available).Click on this site anyway to view other Malta related titles.

101 Longden Road, Shrewsbury, England.

Malta: The Hurricane Years by Christopher Shores, Brian Cull, Nicola Malizia

A large book. Many photograph's, some of which were taken on the same film as those shown in this website. Very comprehensive.


Malta-The Spitfire Year by Christopher Shores, Nicola Malizia, Brian Cull

The Air Battle for Malta
by James Douglas-Hamilton

The diaries of a Spitfire pilot. Good, informative read with lot's of photographs.

The Maltese Spitfire

Available on Amazon (Canada).

Battle Over Malta - Aircraft Losses & Crash Sites 1940 - 42. by Anthony Rogers.

Spitfires over Malta by Brian Cull & Frederick Galea

Large book but packed with a lot of material including a great reference section on individual histories of Spitfires on Malta.Some photo pages showing many of the pilots & their aircraft.

Original book/magazine cover from 1943. Courtesy of Paul Lovell.

Spitfires Over Malta - Not to be confused with the book of the same name above. This is a wartime paperback publication (c.1943) by Pilot Officers Paul Brennan and Ray Hesslyn and Henry Bateson - covers March to July 1942
Believed to have been re-issued just after the war.

Now republished with updates including material on Operation Spotter. This can be purchased at Amazon or from Paul Lovell

Hurricanes over Malta


Malta Spitfire by George Beurling and Leslie Roberts.

The 2 covers are probably the same book. Originally published in 1943. The photo on the dust jacket of the top issue is of Beurling holding up the tail fin of an Italian aircraft. This is in the book below.

Available on Amazon (Canada).

Published in 1943 this is the life of Canada's most accomplished fighter ace over Malta in WWII. It's a remarkable story from a young kid scraping money together for flying lessons to joining the RAF & ultimately being assigned to Malta as a Spitfire pilot.
The journey between these times is full of adventures which are portrayed in the book. Don't be put off by the 'diary' bit, it's all put into a readable story easy to take in.

Great book & well worth putting on your shelf.

Hess - A Kiwi Malta Ace by James Sutherland

Torpedo Leader on Malta by Wing Commander Patrick Gibbs.

Written during the war without benefit of hindsight, this is a remarkable and valuable account. A very personal story, its lucid, exciting and readable narrative describes firstly the author's frustrations as a Staff Officer in Cairo, then his triumphs and disasters as a Beaufort Flight Commander on the anti-shipping operations from Malta in 1942, during which Gibbs's contribution was immense.

Review written by Vincent Formosa.

Malta: Blitzed but not Beaten. by Philip Vella.

Spitfires Over Sicily

Not seen this title before. I found it in an auction search on Amazon for around £20. Covers the role of spitfires from Malta during the invasion of Sicily 1943.

Both dust jackets on the left probably are the same book.

Available on Amazon (Canada).

Malta Convoy by Peter Shankland & Anthony Hunter.

Only one tanker was fast enough to run the murderous Nazi blockades - the Ohio.

East of Malta - West of Suez

The Admiralty account of the Naval War in the eastern Mediterranean 1939 - (1946 (? unable to read scan)).

Malta Convoys by Richard Woodman

Supreme Gallantry

Malta - The Thorn in Rommel's Side - Six Months that Turned the War. by Laddie Lucas.

Between June 1940 and December 1942, Malta became one of the most bombed places on earth. The battle for this tiny island proved to be one of the most decisive turning points of World War II. In this book the author uses first-hand experience of the conflict to describe the pressures of combat.
As the commanding officer of the island's top-scoring Spitfire squadron he gives an insight into the tactics that reversed the overwhelming odds stacked against Allied successes, as well as featuring miraculous escapes and the darker hours - the intense bombing campaign that destroyed 39 newly-arrived Spitfires, the hardships endured by the islanders and the enormous cost in human life. Laddie Lucas recounts individual stories of heroism and gives an insight into the behaviour of the pilots.

Review written by Vincent Formosa.

This is an exact facsimile of the original cover (28th May 1943) that Michael Longyear & his family, had 60 years ago. This edition had a short introduction by Professor Henry Frendo.

The Epic of Malta Text by Captain Lewis Ritchie C.V.O. Published by Odhams Press.

I must admit to being ignorant of this book until I browsed a second hand book shop in Swanage in 2002. I paid £12 for this issue without dust cover & a little faded on the edges. I would consider this to have been printed around 1944 but no date appears in the book.
It is packed with photos which is the books main strength.
There is a forward by Winston Churchill.
I would recommend this book to any collector of Maltese history.

It does appear in E-Bay auctions from time to time. If you are lucky you can pick a copy up for a fiver.

Fortress Malta by James Holland.

Available on Amazon (Canada).

The Great Siege. Malta 1565 by Ernle Bradford.

Not one on WWII but the first siege was interesting to read up on.


Siege Malta by Ernle Bradford

Available on Amazon (Canada).
3 cover designs known.

The Cross & the Ensign - A Naval History of Malta 1798 - 1979
by Peter Elliott.

A history of naval activities & battles right from the first recorded histories through the Napoleonic war in the Mediterranean with Nelson's famous victory in the battle of the Nile through to WWII & up to 1979. I found this book very readable & interesting including the Nelson era. Loads of facts & figures but put in a way you can enjoy reading.

Hurricane Squadrons - Northwest Europe & Malta by Philip Birtles ?.
Swordfish - The story of the raid on Taranto by David Wragg.
Second World War Carrier Campaigns byDavid Wragg.
The Fighting Tenth by John Wingate DSC.

Hero of the Upholder by Jim Allaway.

The story of Lieutenant Commander M.D.Wanklyn VC, DSO**. The Royal Navy's top submarine ace.

Submarine Upholder by Sydney Hart

A book published in 1960 which I picked up on e-Bay

Periscope Patrol by John Frayn Turner.

The story of Malta's submarines.

The Battles of the Malta Striking Forces by Peter C. Smith & Edwin Walker.
Malta. Diary of a War 1940 - 1945 by Michael Galea.

The Guns of Hagar Qim

The diaries of Stan Fraser 1939 - 46.

When Malta Stood Alone by Josef Micallef


History of the Royal Malta Artillery

Not sure if this is a book. Most likely a booklet. Seen for sale on E-bay in 2006.

In Full Flight by Tony Spooner


Warburton's War by Tony Spooner

Warburton was a well known photo reconnaisance pilot. Contains 2 sections of photos.

With All Modesty edited by Colin A.Pomeroy

A collection of first hand accounts by veterans. Lots of photos.

Vultures over Malta - An issue of the much loved Commando magazines much read in my youth.
Hess - A Kiwi Malta Ace by James Sutherland. An RAF biography of Ray Hesslyn. Mostly about Malta but covers POW period and later.
ISBN 0-473-06860-5. It was published June 2000 by Regal Books, Christchurch NZ.

The Kappillan of Malta by Nicholas Monsarrat

A novel regarded highly by critics.