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Aircraft - Axis

The biggest concentration of Axis aircraft sorties on Malta was 20th March - 28th April 1942 where 520 Luftwaffe and 300 Reggia Aeronautica aircraft, which included approx. 140 Messerschmitt Bf 109F of JG 53 and II/JG 3 and 80 Macchi C.202 of the 4th and 51st Stormo.

In June 1942 the number of sorties flown by Fliegerkorps II against the island amounted to 956 compared to 8788 in April. This being due to aircraft being transferred to the Russian Front.


The aircraft above & right force landed at Luqa/Safi Strip 1942. It was repaired by RAF personnel & even test flown. If anyone can help track down it's whereabouts now please contact Tony -
Photo courtesy of Tony Cornelius

The chap sitting on the wing is Flt.Lt. Buck Shone a Rhodesian.
Note the unusual camoflague paintwork under the wing.
Photo courtesy of Tony Cornelius

Wreckage of German JU 88 brought down on Malta at Ta'Qali.
It is possible this aircraft was shot down on the 14th May 1942 by a Spitfire using cannon.
An account is written up in 'The Air Battle for Malta' by Lord James Douglas Hamilton p101.

Same wreck as shown to the left but this photo was kindly sent to me by Chris Rukin whose grandfather served in the RAF on Malta.

Captured Focke-Wulf 190

Wreckage of Me 109 shot down over Luqa, 1942.
Photo courtesy of Louise Dardart.

Possibly a seaplane spotter aircraft taken at higher altitude. I blew the original photo up as much as I could from a photo my father brought back.

Wreckage of Me 109.
Photo courtesy of Louise Dardart.


Italian Bomber releasing bombload.
Photo courtesy of Cheryl Beasley

Italian biplanes.
Photo courtesy of Cheryl Beasley

Cant Z506 Italian Torpedo Bomber. This aircraft hit by anti-aircraft fire & forced to land in St. Pauls Bay Malta - unknown date.
Photo courtesy of Paul Lazell

Axis aircraft types flown against Malta included:-

Aircraft Type - German
Useful links
Junkers 87 (dive bomber)
Junkers 88 (bomber)  
Messerschmitt 109F & 109G (fighter)  
Focke Wulf 190 (fighter)
Dornier DO 24 (seaplane, used in air/sea rescue)
Aircraft Type - Italian
Macchi 202 (fighter)
Reggiane 2001 (fighter)
Savoia Marchetti SM 84 (bomber)
Cant Z 1007 (bomber)
Cant Z 506 (seaplane)"%20Airone%20"
    is worthy of special note, containing a wealth of information on Italian campaigns with photos.

German fighter ace Oberfeldwebel Heinrich Leschert

Me 109's were fitted with bombs & first used (as far as I can find in literature) over Malta on the 14th May 1942.

On 29th July 1942 the crew of a Cant Z 506 seaplane was overpowered by allied prisoners & forced to land on the sea off the coast of Malta by Spitfires who fired a warning shot.
The pilot & crew were taken prisoner & the Wellington crew who were prisoners, set free. This aircraft was subsequently used in air/sea rescue operations by the allies.
Look up the full account in 'The Air Battle for Malta' by Lord James Douglas Hamilton.