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that this airfield was used in the build up to the landings on Sicily.
Photo courtesy of Roberto Benetti.

Xewkija was built by American engineers & was used to take the pressure off the other Maltese airfields in the preparation of the invasion of Sicily. It had two runways, 24/06 and 32/14, and the first trial landing by Spitfires (presumably RAF) were on 23rd June 1943. It could accommodate around 76 aircraft.
The first arrivals were USAAF Spitfires of the 31st Fighter Group, (307, 308, 309th Fighter Squadrons) form Tunisia on 30/06/43. They left by 15/07/43, to be stationed in captured airfields in Sicily.
The field was given back to the farmers in June 1944 & returned to agricultural purposes.

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