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Walrus taken on Luqa, 1943.
Photo courtesy of Paul from his father (Bill Lazell's) collection.

Walrus L2154?
Photo courtesy of Cheryl Beasley

Walrus 069 at sea coming alongside
Photo courtesy of Cheryl Beasley

This block of 4 photos showing recovery of seaplane at Kalafrana courtesy of Cheryl Beasley. Also sent in by J.A.Lester.

Serial Number L2177 flew again & was eventually lost on board the ship which was sunk 19/11/1941 by German surface raider Kormoran 130miles southwest of Carnarvon, Australia.

This a great site to research aircrafr serial number relating to Walrus aircraft -


Walrus I - Serial Number K8345. Crashed 30th November 1937. LAC Norman Stewart Burns was killed in this crash. His grave is shown on the right. This was erected by the ships company of HMS London.
HMS London did carry one Walrus & this aircraft may have belonged to this ship. It was involved in evacuating civilians from Spain during the Spanish civil war around this time.
It is interesting that this aircraft was the last Walrus to be built at Woolston, UK.
Photo courtesy of R.Magee from the A.J.Magee collection.