WW1 - Hospitals

Tigne Hospital

I am indebted to Ian Gilroy who sent in the following photos. It is very difficult to find new, original photos from WWI.
As a background to Ian's Grandfather's time in Malta he reports that - 'My Grandfather, Walter Gilroy, was a Miner and in 1910 the local Doctor started first-aid
classes for the young miners in the town. As a consequence, when he and his friends joined-up together in 1914, they were put in the RAMC. After training they
departed for India via Egypt. They had no sooner got to India when they were ordered to return to be part of the Dardanelles campaign. On their way there they were
diverted to Malta to work in the hospitals there,.

Group photo of staff in the hospital

A ward

Tigne hospital looking towards the breakwater

Tigne hospital looking towards Sliema

Tigne hospital looking towards Sliema

Entertainment room

Staff at Tigne hospital

We are not 100% sure if this was taken at Tigne but this is an operating theatre

We are not sure if this & the photo on the left were taken in Malta but these
are miners who joined up & were posted to the Royal Army Medical Corps


Hospital Staff, Tigne


St.Paul's Hospital Camp

Hospital camp, St.Pauls. From an old postcard.