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Sunderland's of 228 Squadron operated from Kalafrana flying boat base.

This amazing series of photos shows a Sunderland hit in the starboard wing. It was towed into Kalafrana Bay but as the sequence of photos shows got steadily more
engulfed in flames & smoke until it eventually sank.

This is possibly L5807 DQ-R of 228 Sqn. Attacked on the 27th April 1941 by at least 2 Me109's of 7/JG 26. The Sunderland was escorting 23 Hurricanes flown off HMS Ark Royal.
These photos were undoubtedly copied & passed around. My father brought back 4 & I was kindly given the others by Cheryl Beasley.

Another photo from these events can be found in the book 'Footprints Through a Century' by Jean Buxton & Alan Wildsmith-Towle.
ISBN 978-1-84306-412-1. Published 2008.
It's worth tracking down as it contains quite a few photos taken by a family member not seen anywhere else including the attack on Illustrious in Grand Harbour from a different angle.

Another Sunderland ( L2164 of 228 Sqn) was destroyed in Mistra Bay, St.Pauls on the 10th March 1941. This was hit in a low level strafing by 2 Me109's (possibly Bf.110's).
This was hit in the port wing which became virtually detached from the fuselage.
In the same attack prior to this the Sunderland T9046 was damaged.

Sunderland at Kalafrana
Photo supplied by John A.Lester

Sunderland at Kalafrana
Photo supplied by John A.Lester

Short Empire or C-Class flying boat (Short Model S. 23).
at Alexandria February 1937. Photo titled 'Canopus at Alexandria'.
Probably belonging to 228 Squadron prior to it's move to Malta when Italy declared war.

Photo courtesy of Norman Tarrant
Thanks to Alex Norton for additional information.

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Beasley

Sunderland L5806 with ex-Escadrille 2HT Latecoere Late 298B floatplane, was photographed at Kalafrana in July 1940.
Photo courtesy of Cheryl Beasley

Sunderland at Kalafrana probably around 1938
Photo courtesy of Cheryl Beasley

The first Sunderland to arrive at Kalafrana on the way to Singapore.
The Sunderland in this block is probably on its way to join No.230 Squadron at Seletar, Singapore. This squadron was moved there in 1938.
Note the lack of squadron markings on the side.
All photos courtesy of Cheryl Beasley

This sequence shows a Sunderland being launched.


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