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Lt. H.N.Edmonds, DSC
Lt. Harry Noel Edmonds, DSC, RN


On the 1st April 1942 she was hit by a bomb whilst berthed at Manoel Island during a raid & sank. The crew had to escape through the conning tower. HMS Unbeaten was similarly sunk in this raid & P39 was damaged. Some reports state the boat was submerged at the time to avoid detection.
P36 was not raised from the bottom until 7th August 1958. On the 22nd she was scuttled off Malta.

Log of Patrols

13th February 1942 Spotted Italian heavy cruisers Gorizia and Trento in the Ionian Sea & fired 4 torpedoes at them but none hit their target.
On the 15th February torpedoed the Italian destroyer Carabiniere off Taranto.
6th March Damaged in an air raid in Lazaretto Creek. Two patches were needed to repairs holes caused by bomb splinters & the bifocal periscope needed realigning.
1st April During a raid where the Pandora was sunk P36 had bombs near miss 3 feet away whilst alondside Talbot. She was being held upright by a 3½" wire round the conning tower after the raid but this was not strong enough & broke causing the boat to turn over & sink in 50 feet of water. Their was no loss of life in this incident.

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