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HMS Utmost (N19)
Lt.Commander R.D.Cayley, DSO From January 31st 1941


Sinkings - 1 cruiser, 9 transports. Ships sunk - 70,000 tons
Armaments - 4 x 21" torpedo tubes, 1 x 3" deck gun, 3 machine guns. Crew - 31

Log of Patrols

unknown date - 1941 Rescued the crew of a downed Blenheim 145 miles from Malta in the direction of Tripoli. Surfaced in daylight & picked up the crew.
unknown date Sailed from Malta with Upright & Upholder to a position in the centre of the 'instep' (refers to Italy shaped like a boot) to await 3 'Trieste' class cruisers with a destroyer screen sailing from Taranto. Utmost ran aground on an uncharted sandbank but was able to wriggle free.
On locating the convoy 4 torpedoes were fired at the last cruiser. The first missed but the other 3 hit the cruiser which later sank. The first torpedo ran on past the cruiser but hit a tanker which also later sank.
Utmost submerged & was attacked with depth charges. She was submerged for over 24 hours. After surfacing she dived to 90 feet & returned to Malta.
6th November 1940 British destroyer HMS Encounter rams Utmost by mistake off Cape St. Vincent, Portugal. Managed to reach Gibraltar for repairs. Completed in February 1941.
12th February 1941 Patrolled an area near the Tripolitania/Tunisia border. Sank the 8,000 ton transport ship Manfredo Camperio off Tripoli.
9th March Utmost & Unique attack convoy in the Gulf of Hammanet off the coast of Tunisia. Utmost fired torpedoes & missed the Attilio Deffenu but sinks Italian merchantman Capo Vita north east of Sousse, Tunisia. This convoy was also made up of the tanker Tanaro, freighters Caffaro, Fenicia. Escorted by an auxilliary ship Attilio Deffenu & motor torpedo boat Papa.
See wreck site link.
28th March Sank the German merchant Heraklea & damaged the Ruhr off Kuriat, Tunisia. These were in a convoy of 5 German merchantmen & 3 Italian destroyers.
30th May Attacked a convoy with the German merchant Tilly L.M. Russ and the Italian merchant Cadamosto, escorted by the Italian torpedo boats Pallade and Polluce alll torpedoes however missed their targets.
26th June Torpedoes & sinks Italian merchantman Enrico Costa off Cape Todaro, Sicily.
28th July Torpedoes and sinks the Italian merchantman Frederico C off the west coast of Calabria, Italy.
July + 1941 Landed troops on 5 seperate occaisions to destroy a train, damage a bridge & destroy a length of track.
1st November Sank the Italian Merchantman Marigola off Kuriat Island, Tunisia. This ship had been damaged in an earlier attack & was grounded.
2nd November Together with Sokol sinks the Italian merchantman Balilla northwest of Capo San Vito, Sicily.
24th November Torpedoed & damaged Italian cruiser Trieste.
12th December Patrolled in the Gulf of Taranto. Fired 2 torpedoes at the Italian merchantman Fabio Filzi but both missed their target.
December - January Stationed off Taranto at sometime during these months to observe Italian warship movements in support of allied convoy M41 due to sail for North Africa.
January 1942 Returned to the UK.
April Returned to Malta after refit.
10th August Patrolled off Marettimo. Fired 4 torpedoes at the Italian merchantman Siculo but all missed.
13th October Torpedoed and sinks the German tanker Languste off Cape Figari, Sardinia.
8th November Patrolled an area off Messina to attack any Italian warships moving against Operation Torch, the invasion of French North Africa.
17th November 1942

Left Malta on patrol. It is thought Utmost fired torpedoes on the 23rd at the Italian auxiliary minelayer Barletta northwest of Capo San Vita, Sicily but all missed.

Sunk by depth charges on the 25th off the northwest coast of Sicily by Italian motor torpedo boat Groppo.

References Submariners Association - Barrow in Furness.