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HMS Urge

Lt.Cdr. Edward Philip Tomkinson, DSO and Bar, RN
Arrived Malta April 1941.


Sinkings - 2 Cruisers, 1 Destroyer, 1 Transport, 5 Supply Ships, 2 Tankers. 74,669 tons


Complement - 31 1 x 3" deck gun, 3 x machine guns, 4 x 21" torpedo tubes.

Log of Patrols

unknown date Spotted a convoy of 2 medium transports, 2 tankers & 5 destroyers. Fired 4 torpedoes at the convoy resulting in 2 hits on a tanker & 2 on a supply ship. A short period of depth charging followed before the ships started to pick up survivors. Next day they spotted a cruiser force. Four torpedoes were fired at a cruiser which missed but 2 of them hit a destroyer which sank.
unknown date Fired 4 torpedoes at a convoy but one torpedo stuck in the tube . The torpedo was running & issueing smoke & steam. Urge dived steeply to dislodge the torpedo which eventually broke loose. The 3 other torpedoes were heard to explode against their targets. One was seen to hit a large supply ship. Some 20 depth charges were dropped but none near enough to cause damage.
26-27th June 1941 During the night landed a military shore party 4 miles north of Taormina. They laid mines in a railway tunnel & whilst paddling back to the boat heard a train explode inside the tunnel. All rail traffic on the east Sicilian route was blocked for some time.
14th December Torpedoes & damages the Italian Battleship Vittorio Veneto near Capo dell'Armi.
1st April 1942 Torpedoes & sinks the Italian light cruiser Giovanni delle Bande Nere (5200 tons) 11 nautical miles south-east of Stromboli, Italy.
27th April Left Malta. On the 29th attacked an Italian sailed vessel San Giusto. During this attack she was bombed by an Italian Cant 42 seaplane & was sunk. She was due to arrive in Alexandria on 6th May.

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