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HMS Upright
Lt. E.D.Norman DSO*, DSC
Lt. J.S.Wraith DSC


Sinkings - 1 Cruiser, 1 Destroyer, 4 Supply Ships, 1 Floating Dock. 23,408 tons

Log of Patrols

date unknown (11-12th Feb 1941?) Fired 2 torpedoes at a floating dock being towed off Cape Spartivento & sank it. Dived to take evading action from depth charges but fell into a pocket of fresh water run off from the shore causing the boat to plunge to 340 feet.
date unknown Sank a supply ship by torpedo thought to be carrying petrol on the Kerkennah Bank. This ship was on it's own. Two days later returned to the area. Spotted 2 dim shapes & fired 4 torpedoes before diving. On return to Malta Intelligence discovered this to be a cruiser which was the first enemy warship to be sunk by Malta's submarine force.
23rd February 1941 Found a darkened vessel heading towards Tripolitania which turned out to be a tanker. Fired 1 torpedo on the surface which sank the ship.
On the 25th a cruiser was seen whilst on the surface. A torpedo was fired which hit & sank the ship.
2nd March 1942 Bombs were dropped in the creek causing splinters & shock waves which cracked some battery cells in the boat. She was shortly to leave for the UK. Eventually she sailed on the 19th March with only 1 battery section functioning.


Periscope Patrol
Book by John Frayn Turner