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HMS Ultimatum - P34

Log of Patrols

25th January 1942 Sank the Italian passenger liner Dalmatia L.Also a German sailing ship.
23rd February Fires 4 torpedoes at Italian merchantman Ravello & Unione approx. 80 nautical miles east of Tripoli, Libya. All missed their targets.
14th March Sank the Italian submarine Ammiraglio Millo in the Ionian Sea off Punta (Cape) Stilo, Calabria, Italy.
24th June Fires torpedoes at U77 south of Crete but all torpedoes missed their target
7th September Fired 4 torpedoes at the Italian merchantman Luciano Manara approx. 45 nautical miles southwest of Schiza Island, Greece but all missed their target.
30 October 1943 Attacked the German submarine U73 southeast of Toulon but no damage sustained. This submarine has been erroneously named U431.
5th April 1944 Sinks German sailing vessel with the deck gun off Suda Bay, Crete.
2 May 1944 Shelled the harbour of Kalamata, Greece. Sank 2 sailing ships, destroyed 5 on their slipways + one other.
3rd July 1944 Fired two torpedoes at the Uj 6073 / Nimeth Allah a German auxilary patrol vessel off Toulon, southern France but all torpedoes missed their target.
Fired 4 torpedoes at a destroyer & U Boat. One torpedo exploded prematurely, one torpedo hit but Ultimatum dived so it was not known what was hit.
27th July Fired 4 torpedoes at several small German vessels. One torpedo destroyed the F811, a German barge.
23 December 1949 Scrapped in Glasgow February 1950.