HMS Porpoise (N14)

Lt.Commander Pizey
Lieutenant Leslie William Abel Bennington

Minelaying submarine. Also used as a supply boat taking mines, petrol & other goods to Malta.
Along with othe 'P' class submarines this 'Magic Carpet' (as it bacame to be known) ferried 126 passengers, 84,280 gallons of petrol,
83,340 gallons of kerosene, 12 tons of mail, 30 tons of general stores & 6 tons of munitions including torpedoes.

Log of Patrols

1st September 1939 Arrived in Malta.
9th December 1941 Torpedoed the Italian passenger ship Sebastiano Venier. This was carrying 1,800 allied prisoners of war. Some 1,700 were rescued.
1942 Sank the Italian merchantman Citta di Livorno. Later sinks the Italian trannsport Ogaden. Later sinks the Italian merchantman Lerici. Towards the end of the year sank the Italian tanker Giulio Giordani and the auxiliary patrol vessel F-39 / Fertilia.
The Italian motor torpedo boat Generale Antonio Cantore was sunk by a mine laid by Porpoise.
19th January 1945 Sunk by Japanese aircraft in the Pacific. She was the last Royal Navy submarine to be lost by enemy action.

Usually unloaded at Msida.