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HMS Osiris


Torpedo tubes - 6 x 21" Deck Gun - 1 x 4"
Machine Guns - 2 x Lewis

Log of Patrols

Arrived in Malta prior to the Italian declaration of war.

16th August 1940
Lt.Cdr. J.R.G. Harvey, RN
Fired 2 seperate spreads of torpedoes at the Italian merchantman Moreaapprox. 50 nautical miles west of Durazzo, Albania. All torpedoes missed but the ship was sunk by the deck gun.
22nd September Torpedoes and sinks the Italian motor torpedo boat Palestro approx. 40 nautical miles west of Durazzo, Albania.
29th September It is thought likely the Italian merchantman Carmen sinks off Durazzo, Albania possibly on a mine laid by Osiris.
14th July 1941
Lt.Cdr. T.T. Eumann, RN
Fires the deck gun at Italian merchantman Capo d'Orso off Argostolion, Kefalonia Island, Greece.
27th June 1943
Lt. A.G. Chandler, RNR
Sinks the Italian sailing vessel Vittorina with deck gun north of Crete.
September 1946 Scrapped in Durban.

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