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HMS Olympus - N35

Lt.Cdr. Herbert George Dymott, RN



Log of Patrols

7th July 1940 Bombed by Italian aircraft in Lazaretto Creek, Malta. Repairs were not completed until 29th November that year.
29th July 1941 Torpedoed & sank the Italian merchantman Monteponi 10 nautical miles north of Cape Comino, Sardinia, Italy.
9th November 1941 Attacked the Italian merchantman ship Mauro Croce on the surface with torpedoes and deck gun in the Gulf of Genoa. No serious damage was done to the merchantman which escaped.
8th May 1942 Sunk by a mine whilst returning to Gibraltar with the crews of P36, P39, Pandora and HMS Penelope.
Out of 98 passengers & crew only 9 survived the 7 mile swim back to Malta.
The wreck lies in 115m of water and is largely intact. See forum link below.

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