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HMS Odin (N84)



Torpedo tubes - 6 x 21" forward & 2 stern. Deck Gun mark XII - 1 x 4"
Machine Guns - 2 x Lewis

Log of Patrols

13th June 1940 Attacked by the Italian destroyer Strale in the Gulf of Taranto. First with torpedoes then with gunfire. Attempted to ram the submarine but Odin dived firing a torpedo from the stern tube which missed. Strale broke off the attack.
At 01.57hrs on the 14th the motor torpedo boat Baleno sighted a submarine 9 miles from the position of the Strale attack. They attempted to ram the submarine but this dived. The Baleno dropped a total of 5 depth charges & broke off the attack. Later in the morning an aerial reconnaissance reported seeing oil slicks from both areas. The Italians claimed 2 submarines but it is believed both cases were the Odin.
She was not heard of again & was presumed sunk.

References Wrecksite British Pathé film of the launch.