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249 Squadron

'B' Flight 249 Squadron.(taken by Flt. Lt. Norman Lee).
Left to Right: Hap Kennedy, A. E. "Ernie" Budd, Laddie Lucas, Eric
Hetherington (or Frank Jones, RCAF), Virgil P. Brennan, Middlemiss
(?), George "Buzz" Beurling (with bomb), George Swannick, ?.

Identifications by Alvise Scerri, and Tim Budd.
Photo courtesy of Patrick Lee (Canada).

In February 1942 Sqn/Ldr Stan Turner who was a veteran of the Battle of France in the Douglas Bader Squadron (242) arrived to take over the squadron.

249 Squadron was responsible for shooting down the 1,000th axis aircraft by a Malta-based fighter, a Ju-52 on 28/04/43.

These 3 photos are from a fold out album. They were arranged in a row but I expanded each page to get better presentation. Photos courtesy of Patrick Lee (Canada).

I have taken each photo out of the montage & labelled with names below.
Whilst Patrick sent me this set of photos some time ago the names were unknown until I saw the same photo with captions in the book
'Screwball Beurling - Malta's Top Scoring Fighter Ace' by Brian Cull & Frederick Galea (2010) which is worth a read.

Left - Flt.Lt.L.W.Watts, right - Flt.Sgt.J.D.Rae

Left - Plt.Off.O.R.Linton, centre - Plt.Off.L.E.Jones, right - Sqn.Ldr.P.B.Lucas

Left - Plt.Off.J.H.R.Paradis, centre - Plt.Off.A.S.Yates, right - Plt.Off.F.E.Jones

Left - Flt.Sgt.R.G.Middlemiss, centre - Sgt.G.F.Beurling, right - Plt.Off.C.H.Lattimer

Left - Plt.Off.J.F.McElroy, right - Plt.Off.O.R.Linton


Left to right - Plt.Off.J.F.McElroy, Plt.Off.A.S.Yates, Sqn.Ldr.P.B.Lucas, Flt.LtW.R.Daddo-Langlois

Left to right - Wnt.Off.C.B.Ramsey, PltOff.J.F.McElroy, Flt.Sgt.T.Parks, Sqn.Ldr.P.B.Lucas, Flt Lt.W.R.Daddo-Langlois

Centre photo

Left to right - Flt.Lt.W.R.Daddo-Langlois, Flt.Lt.N.W.Lee, Sgt.V.P.Brennan, Flt Sgt.R.B.Hesselyn, Sqn.Ldr.P.B.Lucas

Left to right - Sgt.M.I.Gass, Plt.Off.J.H.R.Paradis, Flt.Sgt.T.Parks, Sgt.G.A.Hogarth

Left - Plt.Off.R.Round, right - Plt.Off.J.L "Smoky" Lowrey



These scans are taken from the actual log books. Courtesy of Patrick Lee (Canada).