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Royal Malta Artillery

Royal Malta Artillery Memorial.
This is situated in Fort St.Elmo, Valletta. This area is not open to the public. I appreciate the help of Joseph Borda in
allowing me to put his photo in the website.
This memorial was erected on this site as this was where the first casualties of the bombing were.
The names on the memorial read as follows -

3570 - Gunner Joseph Galea
3084 - Gunner Michael Angelo Saliba
4345 - Gunner Richard Micallef
10069 - Gunner Carmel Cordina
18127 - Gunner Paul Debono
10109 - Boy Philip Basuttil

Cap Badge Royal Malta Artillery.
Photo courtesy of James Pitkethly

Malta Heavy Anti Aircraft unit embroidered badge.

Set up in 1889 along with the Royal Malta Regiment of Militia (later renamed the Kings Own Malta Regiment).
Post war the RMA served with the British Army of the Rhine 1962 - 1970.

2 H.A.A. Regt RMA - September 1944
Photo courtesy of Justin Gatt

Positions at 3rd Sept. 1939.

The Royal Malta Artillery: HQ Upper St. Elmo
1st Heavy Battery, RMA: Fort Rocco
2nd Heavy Battery, RMA: Fort Tigne - Formed 2nd December 1939
3rd Heavy Battery, RMA: Fort St. Elmo
4th Heavy Battery, Royal Malta Artillery - Independent

5th Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Malta Artillery: Delimara
6th Anti-Aircraft Battery, Royal Malta Artillery: Mtarfu
7th Searchlight Battery, Royal Malta Artillery: Mtarfu - Formed 5 September 1939

A searchlight battery RMA was formed on 25 March 1939. It was regimented with 7 AA Regt RA at Mtarfa, for training. The Bty commander was Major Justin Hooper RA.

The three batteries were formed into 2 AA Regt RMA on 2 Dec 1939, with Lt Col S.I. Borg in command.
7 SL Bty was converted to an A.A. Bty and re-named 7 AA Bty.
The 51 ORs who had trained in SL being transferred to 16 Fortress Coy RE. When 8 SL Bty was formed on 15 January 1940, they formed the nucleus around which the battery was built.
During the Second Great War the regiment manned AA positions in various parts of the island, with RHQ at St. Paul’s Bay.
All Batteries were below strength on account of the shortage of man-power. All demands made on the Regiment were met with energy and determination throughout the war.
Above information supplied by Justin Gatt.

Gun Positions
XHD18 Battery HQ. Targa Gap just south of the Victoria Lines overlooking Ta'Qali airfield.
XHD 19 Nadur. At the highest point on the Dwejra Ridge less than a mile from Bingemma Fort.

Regiments & Batteries

1st Coast Regiment
2nd HAA Regiment
3rd LAA Regiment
5th Coast Regiment
5th HAA Battery
6th HAA Battery
7th HAA Battery
8th Searchlight Battery - Formed 15th January 1940
11th HAA Regiment RMA (Territorial Unit)
14th HAA Battery (disbanded April 1943 & taken over by 5th HAA)

LAA - Light Anti Aircraft

Used 40mm Bofors on low flying aircraft.

7th Anti Aircraft Brigade - 1941 comprising of...

3rd LAA Regiment
11th HAA Regiment
7th HAA Regiment RA

The Command Post Predictor Gunner Grech.
Photo: Courtesy of John Zammit & Joseph Victor Rizzo.

John Zammit as Bridge Operator of 3·7 Gun at "Ta Karach" Barrackers.
Photo: Courtesy of John Zammit & Joseph Victor Rizzo.

AA Gun position. Anthony Vella from Hamrun, served with the Maltese Royal Artillery during the war. He is up front , squatting with beret & holding something. He passed away in 1992. He was awarded the 50th Anniversary Medal pinned on him by the President of Malta. See photo after these images.
Photo courtesy of Anthony's son C.Tony Vella

Bearing & Angle Layers of 3·7 Gun at "Ta Karach" John Zammit right of the pic.
Photo: Courtesy of John Zammit & Joseph Victor Rizzo.

Ronald Zammit (Not related) Vincent Attard and John Zammit with the Station Mascot Dog name Kathleen.
Photo: Courtesy of John Zammit & Joseph Victor Rizzo.

Number 3 Gun Detachment of 3·7 Gun at "Ta Karach" ( Ta Karach is a nickname for Axaq Barrackers)
Photo: Courtesy of John Zammit & Joseph Victor Rizzo.

This gun received a direct hit.
Photo: Courtesy of Joseph Victor Rizzo.


At Bubaqra Barrackers 3·7 Gun Gunners Salvu Camilleri and John Zammit.
Photo: Courtesy of John Zammit & Joseph Victor Rizzo.

Salvu Camilleri (left) Vincent Attard (As Hitler) John Zammit (right) "impersonating the arrest of Hitler"
Photo: Courtesy of John Zammit & Joseph Victor Rizzo.


Royal Malta Artillery taken in 1944.
Photo: Courtesy of Joseph Victor Rizzo.

3·7" Static gun, Malta 1941.
Photo: Courtesy of John Zammit & Joseph Victor Rizzo.

11th R.M.A Coastal Battery 1943
Photo courtesy of Marco Sciberras
Click photo for full screen image.

Photo taken at Fort Campbell Selmun Malta 1943

Same Bofors position as the photo to the left at the Saluting Battery at the Upper Barracca.
Photo courtesy of Denis A. Darmanin

Heavy Gun Emplacement at the entrance to Grand Harbour. I apologise for not knowing if the Royal Artillery or the Royal Malta Artillery manned these positions.
Photo courtesy of Tony Cox.

Royal Malta Artillery Cap Badge & Shoulder Title
Photo: Courtesy of Joseph Victor Rizzo.

Anthony Vella from Hamrun receiving the 50th Anniversary Medal from the President of Malta (See photo top row).
Photo courtesy of C.Tony Vella (son).


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