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Commonwealth Air Forces Memorial

Easy to visit if you are in Malta on holiday. You cannot miss it if you get a bus to Valletta as it stands very close by.

Showing full column with brass plates at the base. Photo taken in 2006.

Photo taken in 2007 from a different path but shows growth of shrubs alongside. This is a well maintained monument by the Commonealth War Graves Commission.

The Commonwealth Air Forces Memorial can be found in the area of Floriana and has a Golden Eagle on top of a column which stands outside the King's Gate, the main entrance to Valletta. The Memorial is 15 metres high & is made from travertine marble from Tivoli in the Sabine Hills near Rome, incised with a light reticulated pattern and surmounted by a gilded bronze eagle two metres high. At the columns circular base are bronze plaques bearing names of fallen servicemen.

The Maltese sun against bright brass plaques is not easy to take pictures of. I have a cheap digital camera. It is difficult to take photos 360° at the same time of day & get good results from all shots (take a look at plaque 6 to see what I mean).
I have computer enhanced these images to the best of my ability. I find reading the names easier with a hand lens to the screen. I could write out all these names to be clearer but I'm sure relatives would appreciate seeing the actual plaques.