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Drydock - 19th Century


Four drydocks were constructed in Grand Harbour in the 19th Century -
No.1 & No2 - with a total length of approx. 525ft.long x 25ft wide.
No.3 - Somerset Dock (shown below) - 427ft long x 34ft wide.
No.4 Dock - Hamilton Dock 520ft long x 94ft wide.

From a very old postcard I picked up in Valletta market 2009. Line engraved with a caption - 'The Somerset Naval Dry Dock at Malta' by W.H.London 20th May 1871.
Also printed in The Illustrated London News Vol 58, 1871.
From research this would seem to be Dock No.3 - 427 x 34ft (when built - 19th Century), 468 x 80ft (1918). Situated in French Creek.


Old line engraved image of 'Dry Docks & Steam Factory'. The dry dock is behind the black gate at the end of the dock.