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Porte des Bombes

Porte des Bombes was built in the 16th Century by the Knights of St. John & was originally joined to the main outer defensive wall. It stood unattached during WWII & proved a good backdrop for photographs. I include it in a section to show the changes to it over the years.

This photo shows how the gate originally looked. It was then called 'Porta dei Cannoni' when it was inaugurated in 1721. The three carved trophies of arms bear the arms of Grand Master Perellos. This Grand Master died in 1720 but the coat of arms were included as he had funded the building work. The gate was fitted with a system of bascule-type drawbridge known locally as a' la Vauban'.
Photo courtesy of Andrew Hili

Photo taken circa 1910 showing the inside of the gate which was altered by Col.Edward Durnford CRE & Royal Engineers in 1868 (opened 22nd May of this year which seems to have been the date the name changed to 'Porte des Bombes) to facilitate the ever growing volume of vehicular traffic into the city.Through the left archway you can see a pilaster which flanked the advance gate, surmounted by a massive stone mortar bomb that gave the name to the area. This is still there today!
Photo & historical data courtesy of Andrew Hili

Taken pre-war showing it attached to the main walls.
Photo courtesy of Charlie Grima.

Taken pre-war showing tramway.
Photo courtesy of Charlie Grima.

From an old photo showing right side of wall demolished. Unknown date but before WW II.
Photo courtesy of Jason Pisani & Charlie Grima.

Probably taken later than the photo to left
Photo courtesy of Jason Pisani & Charlie Grima.

Photo taken between 1943 - 46
Photo courtesy of Margaret Hodgson


George Addis taken early 1940's.

Early colour post card probably '60's showing aerial view of the gate in relation to the walls it was once joined to.
Photo courtesy of Joe Piccinino

Taken in 2006.