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Ohio enters Grand Harbour.

Undoubtedly the most famous convoy to Malta was Pedestal & perhaps the most famous ship in the convoy was the Ohio, commanded by Captain D.W.Mason.
She belonged to the Texas Oil Company & was an American tanker on loan to the British.
Ohio was an oil tanker of some 9,514 tons. Her cargo was 11,500 tons of kerosene & fuel oil. On the 13th August she was attacked & hit by a bomb. Later she was near missed by 2 parachute mines. A German dive bomber (Stuka) was hit with fire from the Ohio & the Ashanti & crashed into the side of the tanker. Another bomber was also hit in the attack & crashed onto Ohio's deck. The explosions blew out the boilers & she came to a stop. Penn & Ledbury stayed with Ohio as protection.
At dusk she was hit by torpedo which wrecked the steering gear & shipboard communications. She had a large hole in the main deck & the pumproom was exposed to the sea. Bulkheads were badly damaged & tank lids buckled & open. The crew fought the fires & the engineers tried to get the engines back on line.
By the morning of the 14th she was under way again in the tow of Rye. Penn & Bramham were lashed to the sides with Ledbury helping to steer from behind. An escort of minesweepers - Hebe, Hythe & Speedy joined but again they were attacked by bombers & the Ohio was hit by another bomb which nearly finished her insight of the harbour.
Eventually on Saturday 15th August they made Grand Harbour where the Ohio was moored & her cargo discharged. She was later moored in Rinella Bay but broke in two & settled on the bottom in shallow water. Each half was made watertight & one half was used as a base for small naval units & the other as a store. After the war on the 19th September 1946 the front half was towed out to sea 10 miles from the entrance to Grand Harbour & was sunk by gunfire from HMS Virago.
The stern half was taken out 2 weeks later & sunk with explosive charges.
It is interesting that the crews of the destroyers which towed Ohio into harbour were awarded salvage money. An Ordinary Seaman on the Bramham was awarded £2 12s 6d.

HMS Bramham & HMS Penn lashed to Ohio & nursing her towards Grand Harbour.
Behind was
HMS Ledbury helping to steer & towing was HMS Rye. This photo was probably taken outside Grand Harbour.

Wheel of Ohio currently residing in the Malta National War Museum

Unknown ship (possibly a troop landing ship) in the foreground but the photo is interesting as Ohio can be seen on the right in Rinella Bay

Photo of Ohio in first resting place


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