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I receive requests for information from time to time. In an effort to help out I will put future requests on this page with links to the sender. If you can help out with answers I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated.
Loaded 3rd May 2004
I recently purchased a river class boat and am trying to do some research, I have discoverd that she was in service in Malta with the britsh army in the early '50s and am keen to get any information possible. I understand that four of the river class boats came to Malta in the '50s. My boat is called (Coquet) 44·.6"long built british power boats in 1945. would be gratfull for any help.
Loaded 29th December 2006
Clare Warnes - I have a shell casing with the date 1942 on the base. it is also engraved with the follwing a l gc or c c malta and also has a boat on it as well lowering pattern engraved also, I would love to now who this person was and if any family members would like the shell.

Memories of Malta

Tony Cornelius sent me these photos & the text below by his father.
If anyone can help please get in contact with Tony

I served with 137 M.U. at Kalafrana from 1944 to 1946 with duties covering the unit's satellite at RAF Safi Strip as it was then known, which was the major centre for the overhaul and major repairs of Baltimore aircraft.
Among the hundred or more aircraft located on the airfield was an ME 109G in perfectly serviceable condition.
In 1942 during the siege of Malta this aircraft was damaged in combat but the pilot was able to land at Safi Strip. He was of course captured and the ME impounded. It was repaired by RAF personnel and test-flown by one of our pilots despite concern that he may run the risk of being attacked by our own fighter boys. From that time it was left idle on the dispersal area.
At the end of the war, before leaving Malta I took the enclosed snaps and ever since. I have wondered whether the old ME was just consigned to scrap or if some enthusiast would realise it's importance as a museum exhibit - I have certainly never heard any mention of it.
Summer 2004 I was referred to Ray Polidano, Director General of Malta Aviation Museum Foundation where they have completed the restoration of a Hurricane and Spitfire.
Whilst he was unable to provide me with any further information regarding the old Messerscmitt 109G he certainly expressed his interest with the remark "pity nobody had the forethought of saving that 109 in the snapshots you enclosed it would have made a fantastic exhibit of "the other side" inside the Memorial Hangar".
So unfortunately, it appears that there is no record of its existence and ultimate disposal. So it would be appreciated if any ex-erk who served with No 137 M.U at Kalafrana or Safi after the war could shed some light on the ultimate end of this old gem.
Jack Cornelius

PS. The chap sitting on the wing in one of the snapshots is
Flt.Lt. Buck Shone a Rhodesian and an old friend, sadly now deceased.