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Naval Links

Very good site on German battleships & operations. Operation Juno is featured with photographs from the Scharnhorst firing on HMS Glorius which later sank. The site also has its own Class forum or newsgroup. Highly recommended. The HMS Hood Association who have helped us out with permission on many photos in this site. Well worth a visit. Loads of material & photos. Old Ship photo site. Thousands of ship photos. In fact the list of ships was 716 pdf pages long last time I looked. Check out the page 'Art of Minesweeping' in the index showing how mines were cleared. Royal Navy. Lascaris (Malta) Association. Link to HMS Kingston with 2 photos of her in Malta. Comando Supremo. Loads of information on Italian sea power with photos. A list links the various ships for a more detailed view. Compiled in English. Clan Line site. A catalogue of Clan line ships with many photos of merchantmen operating in convoy operations to Malta.
Also, good photos of Ohio being torpedoed & the lashing of the 2 destroyers to her sides. Text written up also.
Good photos of carrier HMS Eagle listing heavily prior to sinking. Glen Line Fleet, photos & histories. History of HMS Eridge (escort destroyer). Modern day diving site with photos of some wrecks. Ray Morton's eye witness account of Operation Pedestal with photos. An un-official website of the Italian Navy with a diary style approach. Written by an Italian born in the sixties. Good content on Italian naval activities in the Mediterranean, also the British attack on Taranto.

Ray Morton's account of Operation Pedestal. Malta convoys with a few photo's.

A ships crew reunion site. They have over 2,000 sailors looking for their ship mates Sta Marija Convoy. Article in the Times of Malta, July 15, 2002. Good site on Operation Pedestal with photos & 3 videos you can play online. Well worth a visit. This site contains a great notice board containing messages of searches for information or old contacts. Well worth a look. This U.S. Merchant Marine website has an extensive account of Operation Pedestal, in particular, photos of the tanker Ohio. Malta convoys. Contains many photos under the 'Slide Show' button. Also, many photos of ships taking part in Operation Pedestal. Minesweeping around Malta. An able seaman put together an informative site in 3 parts about minesweeping operations around Malta.