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Miscellaneous Sites with Links to Malta in WW II

Site created in 2003. Dedicated to those who have received the George Cross since its inception. The links page is worth a visit. I spent a long time looking through them. Senglea in WWII. Lots of photographs, quite a few on the King's visit. Heather's site on 97 squadron. Great site, includes loads of photos of Lancasters & air/ground crew. Also debriefing reports which are most interesting. Voice of the Mediterranean. Maltese radio station with a new (July 2002) section on Operation Pedestal containing many photos in various sections. You can hear live radio & update Media Player from here. Stone & Stone. Second World War Books list 8 pages (at the time of listing) of books relating to WWII Malta. Book collectors paradise, not heard of some of these titles. Contains list of publications/manuscripts. See section on 'Air war against Malta'. Gold bullion via Malta ! All About Very large with loads of photograph's mainly in recent years but there is a section on older images. If you are planning a holiday to Malta you should see this site. Information on the fighter ace George Beurling Flightline website with aerial views of Maltese airfields Luqa & Ta'Kali. Site also contains interesting text. Worth looking at. Canadian veterans memorial site.,+%2Bmalta+
%2Feurope%2Fmalta.htm,,aol Covers military history of Malta with information on land regiments.