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Aircraft Links Canadian archive with search engine. I found photos of 'Screwball' Beurling returning to Canada here. The Official Royal Air Force Website with histories of Squadron's & lots of other data. Listings of air bases on Malta during WWII. A page on Spitfires with more information on their role in the Malta conflict. The mighty Wimpey. A great little site with some good photo's of the Wellington. Fairey Fulmar. Includes close up photo's
Hakans Aviation Page - Gloster Gladiators & Fiat CR.42's over Malta 1940-41 This site is extremely detailed with a diary type account of 'Faith, Hope & Charity' & the role of biplanes on Malta (some 35 pages). A site dedicated to the "Forgotten Fighter", the Bristol Beaufighter. 97 Squadron site with text & photos. This was a bomber squadron using Lancaster's & was stationed on Malta towards the end of the war. Italian fighter ace Maresciallo Ennio Tarantola. Italian fighter ace Duilio Sergio Fanali Fighter Pilots Paradise.