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I have split links up into various categories due to the increasing number reported.
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Births, deaths, marriages & cemetery information.

This is an amazing site listing births, deaths & marriages on Malta through the period of WWII +. Also included is a list of those buried in the various cemeteries.
Huge amount of data presented & a must for anyone interested in Maltese history. If you look through e-Bay on a search for Malta photos you are bound to see Paul's photos which were taken by his father on Malta during the war. To open this site you will need to download a small flash player program but this only takes a couple of seconds & is always useful for any other sites needing it. BBC site with many personnal experiences. Tobruk. Good site with photos of medals Malta Online Bookshelf. Malta Aviation Museum.

Times of Malta Newspaper. Very good site. This newspaper never missed an issue during the bombing of 1940-43. What a fantastic achievement under these circumstances. Veterans visit WW II exhibition at St Paul's Missionary College Comando Supremo. Great site covering Italian campaigns especially Malta with loads of information & photos of aircraft used. George Cross Island Association then search on Malta then search on ww2 etc Malta Family History