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Krendi Strip - (Qrendi)

A runway 'perched alongside a cliff', this airfield was constructed in 1940 & had 2 runways; 24/06 of 3,300 feet, and 31/13, with a length of 3,543 feet, both 150 feet in width. It was officially opened on the 10th November 1942. Prior to this it was used as a decoy airfield complete with lighting to encourage bombers to drop their loads here & not on the other airfields.
First to use it were Spitfires of 249 Sqdn on 23/11/42, followed by 229 squadron on 10/12/42, and 185 squadron on 05/01/43. All three squadrons, flying various marks of Spitfires, were involved in interdiction or recce work over Sicily, well before the actual invasion of 10/07/43.
All three squadrons left for Hal Far on 24/09/43.
Commanded in January 1943 by Wing Commander Sandy Johnstone. This aerodrome was probably instumental in converting the Spitfire into a fighter/bomber role using 2 x 500lb bombs fixed under the wings.
Initially they would dive bomb a target using their gunsights. After bombing they would support escort Spitfires in a straffing role.

I walked around the site of the airfield in 2010 but nothing remains of the airstrips. A few buildings can be seen but visitors to the nearby ruins of Hagar Qim could be excused
for not knowing an airstrip ever existed here.

Old building on the site of the Qrendi field. Built after WWII.
This is now part of a farm.

Building in the area of the airfield taken 2010.

Roberto Benetti. Personal correspondence.
Hermann Buttigieg. Personal correspondence.

Wing Commander Johnstone: Where No Angels Dwell. (Book)


Irving Farmer "Hap" Kennedy flew from this base. These links have some data +

Satelite image of modern Qrendi.,14.435102&spn=0.011968,0.019784&t=k&z=16&om=1