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Curtiss Hawk 87 fighter also known as the P-40D and subsequent updates.
Photos are known from Ta Qali & Luqa. These were brought in to support Operation Husky - the landings on Sicily in 1943.
Kittyhawks were flown in from Libya to Ta Qali on July 9th 1943 (start of Operation Husky) & later moved to Luqa on July 13th.
Kityhawk aircraft were only based on Malta for a short time & moved to Pachino, Sicily on the 16th.

Kittyhawk Squadrons on Malta included 250, 260 & 450 (Royal Australian Air Force Squadron).

Kittihawks Mk III of No.3 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force taken at Luqa.
This photo taken during the build up for the Sicilian landings.
Photo courtesy of Andrew Hili

Kittyhawk P40 fighter taken on Ta Kali, 1943.
Photo courtesy of Paul from his father (Bill Lazell's) collection.