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Photograph's supplied by Ken Steel
Captions supplied by Ken.

Luqa 1942

Taken during winter probably Fort Ricasoli
or St Angelo.Photo group posed but background everybody
going about there duties.My father second row second
in from the right as you are looking at the photo.
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Taken during the siege probably at Luqa. My father is the one
between the hitler look alike and the chef.

Small group of Royal Artillery servicemen, Malta.


Bofors crew Malta my father is the one on the
left without the moustace

1941-43. Charles Steel ( Ken's father ) is the one with his hand on the shoulder of a local police musician.

Taken christmas 1942. How they managed to aquire the beer and other refreshment I do not know, but they deserved a break. My father told me that they were reduced to eating goat and cattle feed things got so bad at the height of the siege.