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Kings Own Malta Regiment

Formerly called The Royal Malta Regiment of Militia but renamed The Kings Own Malta Regiment of Militia in 1903. This was disbanded in 1921 & reformed in 1931
as the Kings Own Malta Regiment.
At the outbreak of WWII 4 Battalions were formed. 1st & 2nd were given the Northern Sector of the Island whilst the 3rd had the Southern Sector.
The role of the KOMR was varied from beach defence at beach posts, defence against low flying aircraft on airfields, guard supply dumps, help in unloading cargoes from ships
which got through & filling in bomb craters in runways.
Following the attacks on HMS Illustrious they helped recover the living & dead.


1st Battalion, The King's Own Malta Regiment: Lower St. Elmo - Sept 3rd 1939.
2nd Battalion
3rd Battalion
10th Battalion

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