Malta World War II

This site is home to a large depository of photos many of which have been sent to me for inclusion in the site.
Many are from private collections & I am indebted to all those concerned for allowing me to put them in this site.

This site is dedicated to the people of Malta & the armed forces who took part in the defence of the Islands during WWII.

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My father George Addis was the inspiration behind this website. Sadly he lost his battle with Cancer on the 2nd August 2012.
Dad served in Malta 1941 - 43. He was brought back to the UK & later landed at Sword Beach, Normandy D-Day+1.
He served all the way to Berlin.


The object of this site is to keep the memory of what happened on Malta in World War II alive.
We are making progress in compiling a website dedicated to Malta during World War II.
The site started with an envelope of photographs given to me by my father who served on RAF Luqa, Malta as an armourer between 1941-43.
With the help of many veterans & relatives of veterans no longer with us we are building a website dedicated to those who lived & served on Malta or served in convoy operations
or any other activity connected with this theatre of the war.

'Malta was the most consistently heavily bombed place on Earth during WWII.'
'More than once a million pounds of bombs were dropped on the island in 24 hours'.
Not only was the Island heavily bombed but most of this bombing was
concentrated in small areas such as the Harbour & RAF airfields.

Please contact me if you can help out with photographs for the site.

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