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I get many requests for information which is beyond my knowledge. This page is designed for such questions.
Please send your questions / enquiries to me & I will post them here.
Please help out if you can by e-mailing the contacts below.

Don't forget you can join the Malta WWII newsgroup. See the Front Page for details.

I am very interested to find some II world war photos related to ix- Xquq area or the Westrem Battery, also called it-tunnara in Mellieha
As it was used as a fortification (DEL) and a beach post
Please contact Twannie Darmanin.

Medal recently seen on E-bay. I'm interested to find out if this is the Italian campaign medal for the Malta conflict.

Please contact webmaster

I am the author of a series of books on the Gc - see and am writing up Ray Lewin just now- he won his GC for a rescue - he was flying Wellington (serial R1094).

The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the award of the GEORGE CROSS to: -

700404 Sergeant Raymond Mayhew Lewin, Royal Air Force.

In November, 1940, Sergeant Lewin was the captain of an aircraft on a night bombing mission. Shortly after the take off the aircraft began to sink and crashed into a hillside where it burst into flames. Sergeant Lewin extricated himself and saw three of his crew of four climbing out of the escape hatch. He ordered them to run clear. He then ran round the blazing wing in which full petrol tanks were burning and crawled under it to rescue his injured second pilot. Despite his own injuries — a cracked kneecap and severe contusions on the face and legs — he dragged and carried the pilot some 40 yards from the aircraft to a hole in the ground, where he lay on him just as the bombs exploded. This superbly gallant deed was performed in the dark under most difficult conditions and in the certain knowledge that the bombs and petrol tanks would explode.
I believe there is a memorial to this event - do you know where
Do you know the name of the crew - or at least the pilot
Do you know if there are any photos of the crash - any accident report etc?

He was killed in a crash soon after recuperating on his way back to duty. - cruel fate.
Please contact Marion Hebblethwaite