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HMS Terror

HMS Terror in Grand Harbour with Fort Ricasoli in the background probably taken around the start of hostilities in 1940.
I would like to thank David for permission to use the photo on his site. Please visit Navyphotos to see a great many photos of Navy ships from the mid 1800's to present day.
This is a great source of material.
Original photo courtesy of Mr. Mark Teadham

HMS Terror was based in Grand Harbour at the outbreak of the Italians declaring war on the allies which included Malta as a British protectorate. One reason for being in Malta
was to have work done to increase armour to upper & main decks.
The ship was used as an anti aircraft base to defend against Italian bombers.
On the 11th June 1940 she took part in Operation Compass which was the British assault against the Italian 10th Army in Libya.
In July 1940 she was transferred to Alexandria.
On the 22nd February 1941 she was bombed by Ju 88's after leaving Benghazi & badly damaged. She later sank whilst trying to reach Alexandria.