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HMS Repulse - Battle Cruiser

I was sent this photo by Ian Ling. It was titled 'Unknown at Valletta'.
I would like to thank Frank Allen of the HMS Hood Association for identification.
Photo possibly taken mid 1930's. At this time Repulse replaced Hood in the Mediterranean Fleet (1936).

Record in Malta

Arrived in Malta June 1936.
Known to have been in Malta August 1936 to February 1937 (also visited Crete, Greece, Tangier, Gibraltar). She spent time in the floating dry dock in October for a refit.
Arrived in Malta 4th July 1937. Left hurredly for Haifa. Operated in & out of Malta up to March 1938.
April 1937, spent time in the floating dry dock.
December 1937, in the floating dry dock again. Christmas in Malta.
January 1938 left Malta for Alexandria with 4 minesweepers.