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HMS Mohawk

Taken off Kalafrana probably between 1937-39.
Photo from the A.J.Magee collection courtesy of Robert Magee.

Launched in 1937 HMS Mohawk saw service in the Mediterranean. Taking part in the Battle of Calabria (July 1940) & the Battle of Cape Matapan (March 1941).
Part of the 14th Destroyer Squadron.

On the night of April 15/16th 1941 Force K found 5 heavily laden transports with an escort of 3 Italian destroyers near the Tunisian coast. All were sunk but HMS Mohawk was hit in this action by 2 torpedos from the Italian Destroyer Tarigo in the Kerkennah shallows off Tunisia. Later she was sunk by HMS Janus. A total of 43 were lost with the ship.

She had 3 different Pennant numbers - L31, F31 and G31.

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A Naval History of Malta 1798 - 1979 Book by Peter Elliott