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HMS Ilex


27th June 1940 Depth charged Italian submarine Console Generale Liuzzi along with Dainty, Decoy, Defender & HMAS Voyager. The submarine scuttled after sustaining damage off south east Crete.
29th June

Italian submarine Argonauta was (possibly) sunk off the Libyan coast by Ilex, Dainty, Decoy, Defender & HMAS Voyager.
It is also possible a Sunderland ( L5804 ) attacked this submarine & sank her the following day.

Ilex & Dainty sank the Italian submarine Uebi Scebeli south west of Crete.

19th July Ilex along with HMAS Sydney, Hasty, Havock, Hero, Hyperion were sent into the Aegean to intercept 2 Italian cruisers. In the action the Bartolomeo Colleoni is stopped by gunfire & sunk by torpedoes from the destroyers. The other cruiser Giovanni delle Bande Nere escaped.
17th August Carried out bombardment of Italian positions around the fortress of Bardia.Other ships involved were - battleships Warspite, Malaya, Ramilles, heavy cruiser Kent, destroyers Mohawk, Nubian, Hyperion, Hostile, Hereward, Hero, Ilex, Diamond, Juno, HMAS Stuart, HMAS Waterhen, HMAS Vendetta.
8th October Took part in Operation MB 6 (see 'Operation' page).
On the return trip they were attacked by boats from the 1st Torpedo Boat Flotilla & the 11th Destroyer Flotilla.
11th November Took part in the attack on Taranto as escort to the Illustrious.
20th March 1941 Took part in the Battle of Matapan.
14th June Near missed by bombs from dive bombers during an operation to fend off Vichy French warships. Towed to Haifa for temporary repairs & sailed to the USA for a refit.
September 1942 Recommissioned & worked from Freetown, Sierra Leone.
February 1943 Returned to the Mediterranean. Took part in the Sicily & Salerno landings in July/August.
13th July 1943 Italian submarine Nereide was attacked & sunk by Ilex & Echo.
March 1945 Towed to Malta for repairs but put on a caregory 'C' list & not required for active duty.

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