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HMS Fermoy

Aberdare (Huint) Class Minesweeper. Teamed up with HMS Abingdon in August 1940 for minesweeping duties.Along with HMS Abingdon were the first minesweepers stationed at Malta during WWII.
She was bombed by Italian aircraft off Valletta on 30th April 1941 but made it to Malta Dockyard. Some conflicting reports in the history show her to have been sunk in Malta docks or bombed whilst in drydock. In any case she was broken up for scrap 4th May 1941.

Log of Patrols

10th April 1941 Whilst sweeping for mines set off an acoustic mine & was damaged. Made for drydock.
30th April Returned to drydock after damage sustained by enemy bombers.
4th May Bombed in drydock & written off.