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HMS Breconshire

Royal Fleet Auxilliary Sea Salvor & HMS Barhill raising HMS Breconshire 1954.
Photo courtesy of Joseph Borda

Fleet tanker which made many trips to Malta mainly from Alexandria. The submarine Truant acted as a lighthouse to guide the ship in.


21st April 1941 Arrived Malta with aviation spirit, oil fuel & general supplies.Left on the 28th with the 14th destroyer Flotilla for Alexandria.
5th December Left Malta for Alexandria with escorts Kingston, Kimberley. Ajax, Neptune & Lively acted as divertions.
Returned from Alexandria with escorts Jaguar & Kandahar.
18th December Arrived Malta from Alexandria with escorts of 4 destroyers Havock, Lance, Kandahar, Jaguar & 3 cruisers - Aurora, Penelope, Neptune.
March 1942 Arrived Malta in Operation MW 10. After being heavily damaged she was towed to Marsaxlokk harbour by Ancient & Robust. Escorted by HMS Southwold which was to sink after hitting a mine outside Marsaxlokk harbour.
Two more heavy bombing attacks on the ship resulted in the ship slowly rolling over & sinking.
A small ship named King of England moored alongside & pumped out the cargo of oil ferrying it to Grand Harbour.
The wreck was just visible above the water for the rest of the war.


Salvaging The Breconshire - Video
A Naval History of Malta 1798 - 1979 Book by Peter Elliott