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How the granaries were loaded/unloaded. Floriana.

The granaries are underground storage chambers for grain. They can be found in various sites around Grand Harbour. Tourists will probably first encounter them on a bus ride
into the terminus at Valletta where a great open space can be seen on the right in front of the Church of St. Publius, Floriana. Access to these chambers is by a hole
covered by capping stones.These granaries housed much of the Islands grain store during WWII. They could hold enough grain to feed 100,000 people for a year.
The first granaries were built by the Knights in the 16th century but storage was undertaken in various ancient religious sites prior to this.
Other sites include those outside Fort St. Elmo easily located if you go through the main gate (Porta Reale) to Valletta & follow the road downhill as far as you can go.
Vittoriosa also has granaries which were constructed during the Knights period of the 16th century.
Birgu & Senglea also have underground storage areas. Outside the Auberge de Castille 15 ditches were cut out.

Granary caps taken outside Fort St. Elmo, 2010.
The square caps are reportedly older than the circular type. Both can be seen at this site.