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Xlendi, 1940. Photo courtesy of Andrew Hili

Xlendi, 1940. Photo courtesy of Andrew Hili


Gozo Airfield

Built by American Engineers in 1943 this temporary airstrip was constructed to support the allied invasion of Sicily.
Virtually nothing can be seen of this site from satelite images today but it existed a little to the south of the now Gozo Race Course (which is an oval shape easily seen on satelite images)..
It's hard to find but a sketch map exists & a vague aerial photo of the time.

Referenced reading: 'The Gozo Airfield' by Charles Bezzina - ISBN: 99932-0-282-7
I only found this booklet in a book shop at the end of the main street through Valletta near St.Elmo's Fort. Previously I hunted new books all over Valletta.


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