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WWI Cemeteries

Addolorata Cemetery - Paola Opened on 9th May 1869. This is the main Roman Catholic burial site on Malta. Although this is primarily a civilian site their are graves from servicemen of WWI & WWII. Contains 250 graves (servicemem) from WWI & 18 from WWII.
Capuccini Naval Cemetery Almost 700 graves from WWII & more than 350 from WWI.
Naval Cemetery - Rinella Their are 477 graves from WWI in this cemetery
Imtarfa Military Cemetery - Ta'Qali

Photo courtesy of Keith Chambers

Over 10 WWI graves & over 200 WWII graves. This site includes the graves of the British Prime Ministers delegation who were killed en route to the Yalta conference in the Crimea.

Kalkara Military Cemetery Their are 67 graves here from the Japanese destroyer Sakaki following the torpedoing by the Austro-Hungarian submarine U 27 on 11th June 1917
Pembroke Military Cemetery Their are 9 Commonwealth graves from WWI & 315 from WWII. The site also houses the Pembroke Memorial.
Pieta Cemetery Contains 1.300 graves from WWI & 150 from WWII.
Ta'Braxia (Pieta) International Cemetery This cemetery is close to the Porte des Bombes gate as you enter Floriana. This was opened in 1857. This is a major site for WWI graves housing over 1,000 graves from this war.
The cemetery also contains the grave of the Victoria Cross holder Captain Andrew Moynihan who died in the Crimean War on 8th September 1857.

Turkish Cemetery


The present Turkish Cemetery replaced an earlier one called Tat-Torok. This was built pre 1675 & housed Turkish slaves who built the Knights fortifications. The current building was built in Muslim architectural style in 1874 - Architect E.L.Galizia.

Remains from the old cemetery were taken to the new cemetery.

In March 1928 their were 103 unidentified Muslims buried here including 24 that died in an accident on the Sardegna. Also 6 British, 6 French & 23 Turkish prisoners of war who died in Malta.

The photo to the left was taken during WWII.


References / Links

Malta during the First War - 1914-1918. Anthony Zarb-Dimech.

This book contains a lot of history from the First World War including Cemeteries. Well worth looking up.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission This is a good site to search for those buried on Malta & covers various cemeteries. To search click 'Search our Records'. In the 'Search For' line at the top you can either search for someones name or a cemetery such as Pembroke, Imtarfa etc.
Malta Family History The Malta Family History site gives names of those buried & in which cemetery.