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George (Buzz) Beurling
(1921-1948) DSO, DFC, DFM, CAHF

Photo: Department of National Defence, Canada


A lot has been written on other websites which I could not rival or add to here so instead of putting a small condensed page on the site I urge those interested to click on the links
below to see more information & photos.

27 confirmed aircraft shot down.

Also, read the book 'Malta Spitfire - The Buzz Beurling Story'. Huge amount of information here. Click the home page to find out more on other Canadian aces. This link is fantastic with loads of information & photographs. I couldn't better it. Contains a photo of the Spitfire flew by Beurling in 412 Sqn. (RCAF) between December 1943 and January 1944. Photo of Beurling & Instructor with some text.
Canadian Radio broadcast George Beurling made a radio broadcast on returning to Canada on convalescent leave to help with recruiting new pilots.
This is the actual interview lasting 6 minutes 49 seconds which was broadcast to Canada.