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Beaufighter taken in 1942

The Beaufighter was a multi role aircraft on Malta. It was used for various tasks including reconnaisance, torpedo bomber, depth charge drops & of course as a fighter.
Used by 89 Squadron based at Luqa.
In April 1942 Beaufighters based in Egypt were sent to Malta under the command of Squadron Leader Paul Evans DFC. These were equipped with Mark VII air interception radar for night fighter use. It was very effective as a night fighter. A ground control interception station was set up near St.Pauls Bay. Egypt based Beaufighters were flown from England via Malta. In the early years many aircraft were lost but after Operation Bowery in May 1942 where Spitfires were flown into Malta the number of Beaufighters reaching Egypt increased to the point where a second Beaufighter squadron was started.
The night fighters would patrol above the height of the Artillery barrage ( 12-15000 feet ). On interception the enemy aircraft would take evasive action & dive into the Artillery barrage. This action greatly reduced night bombing attacks in the summer months of 1942.
Night fighters were painted black on the underside.

Beaufighter destroyed on the ground.
Photo courtesy of Dave Charles

Beaufighter rearming in safety pen

Crashed Beaufighter


Understood to have been taken in Malta.
FO Joe Johnson & his Navigator PO EL Greenwood with Beaufighter.
Joe Johnson was with the 108th Squadron and was awarded the DFC for action in Malta.
Photo courtesy of Barbara Johnson, Perth, Australia.
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Torpedo Leader on Malta. Wing Commander Patrick Gibbs.