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Anti - Aircraft

Bren gun crew from the Manchester Regiment.
Photo courtesy of Rita Lyons.

Early in 1941 Brigadier Sadler, an experienced artillery officer arrived in Malta to take charge of anti-aircraft defences. He quickly organised the harbour guns to fire at fixed heights & angles so that no gaps were left. Guns were brought in from outlying areas to strengthen the saturation. This was only just completed in time as the German bombers arrived to concentrate their attack on the crippled Illustrious berthed in Grand Harbour.
This area was called a box barrage or more commonly referred to as the 'Junkers serenade'. It was the most powerful concentrated barrage in any theatre of the war.


Bren gun mounted on tripod in use as an anti aircraft weapon. These 3 photos are of the Manchester Regiment.
Photos courtesy of Rita Lyons

Photo courtesy of Arthur Pannell