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Unkown aircraft possibly an Albacore.
Photo courtesy of Chris Rukin.

Convoys & Aircraft Flown Off
Total Albacores supplied between 1940 - 1942 - 11 flown off carrier with 11 landing Malta.

Operation Callboy - 18th October 1941 - HMS Ark Royal Argus carried 12 Albacores from 828 Naval Squadron with long range tanks & 2 Swordfish from the Clyde in convoy WS 10 to Gibraltar. Here they were transferred to Ark Royal which sailed on the 16th. They ( 11 Albacores ) were flown off for Malta on the 18th.
11 Albacores & 1 Swordfish arrived safely Malta. One Swordfish ditched in the sea.
Operation Picket II - 21st March 1942 - HMS Argus Carried 6 Albacores to reinforce 828 Squadron but were not flown off & returned to Gibraltar.
Operation LB - 17th May 1942 - HMS Eagle Carried 6 Albacores but these were not flown off & returned to Gibraltar for the 2nd time..

Albacore's possibly on Hal Far.
Photos top & right courtesy of Charles E. Mac Kay