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Air / Sea Rescue

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Beasley

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Beasley

The Malta launch picked up 123 RAF pilots, 34 German pilots & 21 Italian pilots between mid 1940 to the end of 1942.

14th April 1942
The launch was escorted by 3 Hurricanes after being attacked by 109's. It was hit by 6 explosive cannon shells & 20 bullets.
18th May 1942
The launch picked up a Spitfire pilot & also a German pilot who gave the advice that it would be wise to return to shore before the launch was damaged.

Sunderland House in St Pauls Bay which was the base for the launches and crews.
The jetty is the original part where they moored the launch. Taken 2006.

Photo courtesy of Bob Bull.


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