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Aircraft (Allied)

This was originally a page to dump all allied aircraft photos. As the site has progressed many of these have been moved onto pages for each aircraft type.

Strange photo of Fairey Battle found in a package of Malta photos.
Photo courtesy of Cheryl Beasley


Image of drawing supplied by Dave Powell.

Caproni Biplane.
Photo courtesy of John Pearson.

The Aries (a converted Lancaster) on a stopover on Malta.
Photo courtesy of Desmond Evans.

Three photos courtesy of Desmond Evans post WWII.

Desmond Evans third head from the left. In the Cockpit is Matey Marsh from
Coventry others on their are SEAC Seers and Keith Begley also Red Skelton
Photo courtesy of Desmond Evans.

Desmond Evans working on engine.
Photo courtesy of Desmond Evans.

Photo taken from the 'Times of Malta' Friday May 7, 1943. Reproduced by kind permission of the publishers.


I would greatly appreciate any additional photograph's for inclusion in the aircraft gallery, or any other section of the site. This site lists aircraft incidents. I found it really useful in identifying aircraft in some pre-war photos.