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108 Squadron - Squadron Letters - LD

This squadron was reformed 3 times during the war. The areas concerning Malta are when they were stationed at Luqa 3rd June 1943 - 1st July 1944 then moving to Hal Far 1st - 27th July 1944. The reformed Squadron serving in Malta were partly formed by personnel from 89 Squadron. This was a night fighter Squadron using Beaufighters (night fighters) & also Mosquito's from February to July 1944 which were used as intruders.
After July 1944 the Squadron moved to Ibku, Libya & then on to Hassani, near Athens, Greece. Shortly before the end of the war the Squadron was disbanded.

Aircraft in Service with 108 Squadron

Wellington IC August 1941 to November 1942
Liberator II December 1941 to Summer 1942
Beaufighter Vif March 1943 to March 1945
Mosquito XII February 1944 to May 1944
Mosquito XIII March 1944 to July 1944

Photo courtesy of Arthur Pannell

Photo courtesy of Arthur Pannell



RAF Liberator Squadrons This is a great site listing all RAF Squadrons using Liberators. 108 Squadron prior to moving to Malta had Liberators in a night bombing role. Loads of photos of targets taken from many Squadron's aircraft.